Delphic AP

Delphic AP is designed to fulfil the unique demands of pathology processing and reporting workflows. It manages all stages from request to report for specialised disciplines, making it ideal for all diagnostic work areas that require detailed, lab workflow management and sophisticated reporting, including:

  • Anatomical pathology – histology, immunohistochemistry,

  • Cytology

  • Molecular diagnostics and cytogenetics

  • Mortuary

Key Features


Laboratory Workflow

Paperless, barcode driven Single Piece Workflow* enables complete tracking of each specimen, block and slide. Choose the equipment that best suits your laboratory, with a library of interfaces to cassette writers, slide writers and immunohistochemistry and special autostainers.Read More »


Dedicated work area for secretarial staff to support the pathologists with report editing and transcription work, plus billing tasks and report distribution (printed and electronic).


Pathologist Reporting

Delphic AP supports every requirement to create sophisticated, accurate and compliant reports for each patient case.Read More »

Business Intelligence

The Delphic AP Management Reporting Database* facilitates efficient management of all your laboratory data for statistical information and administration reporting.

Digital Pathology Interface

Delphic AP can be interfaced to the laboratory’s digital pathology system enabling context synchronisation for the review of images and case reporting.

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Tissue Management

The Delphic AP Tissue Management module manages the storage, disposal and return of human tissue following the completion of laboratory work, including automatic creation of return-to-patient letters.

HL7 Reporting

Delphic AP complies with HL7 standards for reporting to cancer registries and EMR systems.

White Paper


Notes Domino

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*Optional licensed modules of Delphic AP.
**Delphic AP is not a medical device as it does not have a therapeutic purpose.

Delphic AP Brochure

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