White Paper

Delphic AP is a laboratory information system developed and supported by Sysmex. Delphic AP manages the anatomical pathology laboratory workflow from specimen receipt through to reporting and lab management. Built on the Notes (client) and Domino (server) platform, Delphic AP has undergone continuous development sinceits launch in 1996, including the introduction of management reporting capabilities, specimen tracking functionality,and more recently, compatibility with digital pathology systems.

Delphic AP was first developed on Lotus Notes 4.0, which later became IBM Notes. In December 2018, IBM announced the sale of Notes and Domino to HCL Technologies, in what is widely regarded as a positive move, securing the future of the platform.This paper discusses the advantages of the Notes Domino development platform for Delphic AP and looks to thefuture of the platform as it enters a new phase of investment and development under HCL ownership