The AMR landscape in the context of Urinary Tract Infection (Open for Registration)
45th Sysmex Scientific Seminar (2023): Clonal Haematopoiesis: Wide Connection Between Blood and Systemic Organs
[VOD Available] Introduction of the Workflow for UTI in Microbiology Lab
Regional Transfusion Webinar: Transfusion-transmitted Infections (TTI) Testing Landscape in the Philippines: Post COVID-19 Pandemic
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[VOD AVAILABLE] Von Willebrand Disease: New Guidelines on the Laboratory Diagnosis and Management
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Effective Thyroid Testing
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[VOD AVAILABLE] Sysmex Solutions in the Fight Against UTI-Related Antimicrobial Resistance
[VOD AVAILBLE] The Utility of Sysmex’s CyFlow Technology in the Agri- and Aquaculture Industries
[VOD AVAILABLE] A Little Look at Lymphoid But Mostly Myeloma
M2BPGi for Non-invasive Liver Fibrosis Assessment: The Indonesian Experience
D-dimer Webinar Series
Haematological Malignancies : Bench to Bedside Webinar Series