Sysmex is committed to advancements in flow cytometry, building upon our hematology knowledge and strengthened by our know-how within Partec GmbH, a pioneer in flow cytometry. Our comprehensive line of IVD flow cytometry products is headlined by the advanced PS-10 sample preparation system and the XF-1600 flow cytometer, in addition to an extensive portfolio of monoclonal antibodies and consumables.

Discover our New Vision for Flow Cytometry.

Flow Cytometry Products



Our flow cytometers ranging from 1 from to 5 light sources, will fit your exact research needs.


Our 10-colour flow cytometer and sample preparation system will meet your laboratory’s needs.


CellTrics filters are innovative cell strainers for a rapid sample preparation with a very high flow rate and a patented ventilation hole. They are suitable for use in cell culture or measurement by flow cytometry.