2pm, Singapore Time

September 27 2023

Online Webinar




Dr WONG Wan Hui, PhD
Principal Medical Laboratory Scientist
Specialised Coagulation Section, Haematology Laboratory
Department of Haematology, Singapore General Hospital

The contribution of pre-analytical variables to laboratory errors and diagnostic accuracy is often underestimated. The interferences might stem from in vitro causes, including blood draw techniques, the type of blood tubes used, or vigorous mixing. These factors in turn cause poor sample conditions that directly affect the quality of coagulation results. In addition, interferences from the patient’s conditions, including drug usage and time of sampling, also directly affect analytical accuracy and result interpretation. The extent of interference could be reduced in modern automated analysers and improved error detection technology, ensuring better quality results released for timely patient care.

In this webinar, our honored speaker will cover the pre-analytical variables and interferences of coagulation laboratory testing. She will also highlight the enhanced value-added technology aimed at improving the quality of result reporting.

We hoped you have enjoyed the webinar and gained new insights!

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