Multilab LIS

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Delphic Multilab enables multiple laboratories to run on a single Delphic LIS instance.

  • Safeguards redundancy in the system by providing back-up in the event of instrument failure or staff shortages.

  • Promotes standardisation of test codes and processes across all lab sites, improving quality control and accreditation compliance.

  • Supports paperless transfer of tests and specimens from smaller labs to central hubs, reducing the possibility of transcription and reporting errors.

  • Reduces hardware and software costsassociated withmultiple separate instances.

  • Creates a consolidated electronic patient record rather than disparate records in separate systems.


*Delphic is not a medical device as it does not have a therapeutic purpose.

Delphic Multilab LIS Case Study: Shared Health, Manitoba

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Delphic V10 Brochure

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