Interoperability is a core part of Sysmex’s value proposition and Eclair has a long-proven track record in the communication and exchange of health data and information with clinic practice management systems, clinical portals, and hospital information systems.


Interoperability offers significant benefits to the healthcare industry and ensures patients receive the best care possible.Using industry standards, interoperability facilitates the easy, secure flow of information between disparate healthcare systems and software applications.

This improves access for clinicians to all relevant patient data allowing them to deliver quality treatment, reduce manual and repetitious data entry so there is less chance of errors occurring, and encourages the use of ‘best-of-breed’ products that specifically meet the industry’s needs.

Data Sharing

We work closely with healthcare organisations, industry bodies and other health IT providers to improve the way health and diagnostic patient data is shared and accessed. Sysmex is advancing the interoperability capabilities by developing open apis (based on the FHIR standard) and SNOMED CT.

UI and process integration

Eclair offers flexibility and a distinct advantage through its ability to integrate seamlessly and securely with 3rd party portals1 and GP practice management systems2 for unified workflow. All user and patient details are retained in the context of their current session ensuring an all-in-one solution and saving time.

1HealthOne, Health Connect South and Orion clinical workstation
2MedTech 32, MedTech Evolution, myPractice, Best Practice, indici


*Eclair is not a medical device as it does not have a therapeutic purpose.

Eclair Brochure

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