Delphic Micro

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Delphic Micro provides a paperless and streamlined flow of information through the microbiology laboratory, helping labs to eliminate transcription errors, improve workflow efficiency and reduce turnaround times.

Delphic Micro’s advanced functionality delivers flexibility and faster data entry and gives microbiologists the tools they need for routine work in the lab. Functionality includes:

  • daily workload management

  • label printing for samples, media and slides

  • drop-down lists and hot key tools

  • ability to easily record observations and add tests as needed

  • automatic decoding of organism codes

  • online interfacing to a range of microbiology analysers

  • interface to the Kiestra lab automation system including full support for screen synchronisation between Delphic Micro and digital plate images in Kiestra

  • straight forward results validation and reporting


*Delphic Micro is not a medical device as it does not have a therapeutic purpose.

Delphic V10 Brochure

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