Blood eOrders


Blood eOrders

Blood products are a valuable resource and a critical component in the success of many patient treatments, therefore the ability to minimise wastage is extremely important. By introducing electronic orders, healthcare organisations can add smarts into the request process, facilitating better management of blood product ordering and assisting in the reduction of waste.


Evidence-based ordering

Eclair’s Blood eOrders module incorporates evidence-based ordering principles based on blood management guidelines into the order request workflow. The order form guides the ordering clinician to carefully consider the clinical necessity of the blood product request.

Blood group rules

The patient’s current group and screen, plus red cell antibody status results, are displayed in the order form. Rules such as the Blood Service sample validity status are applied so that only valid data is presented to the clinician. This guides the user on the viability of the result prior to prompting for additional pre-transfusion testing.

Accurate order details

The use of pre-populated and compulsory fields assists with the accurate capture of information required for the order. For example, blood management guidelines mandate the capture of patient ID and details of transfusion and obstetric history. Other essential prescribing details are also captured such as quantity, when the blood products are required and where they should be sent to.  This means the Blood Bank department receives complete information with the eOrder to support dispensing of the right blood product to the right patient at the right time, assuring the safety of patients and assisting with the delivery of a quality service.

Bloodbank LIS order entry

For Blood Bank departments that do not have a module capable of receiving HL7 order messages, Eclair offers an optional module to manage incoming requests for blood products. It provides a dashboard view in priority order, highlighting the status of the order to assist the lab with processing of work in their LIS.


**Eclair is not a medical device as it does not have a therapeutic purpose.

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