GLP Systems

GLP SystemsIn today’s competitive environment, clinical laboratories are constantly seeking solutions that will help them process an increasing number of samples tubes, while meeting the demands of cost reduction. Sysmex and the GLP system can provide a unique solution to meet today’s highly demanding laboratory objectives. Our solution is specifically built to streamline laboratory workflows and develop intelligent solutions in the area of pre-analytical, analytical and post-analytical processes.

Based on three core characteristics: simplicity, freedom and excellence; you can choose and manage your laboratory requirements exactly as you require. And should your requirements change, you can easily amend them.

The GLP system handles tubes for analysis individually, using our distinctive concept of cars ‘with no belt’ transport system and no racks. This significantly improves analytic routing options and shortens turnaround time. There are also fewer sources of error and a reduction in time-consuming and costly maintenance.

Our infrastructure is lightweight and works on a modular concept. This gives us the flexibility to customize a solution specific to the needs of your laboratory. The GLP system is also able to provide connectivity across various analyzers and sections of the lab such as chemistry, immunology, coagulation and hematology. Our specialists carefully study the workflow in your laboratory, examining where excessive time and costs are incurred, and design a flexible automated system suitable for your laboratory.

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