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Blood-based mutation analysis requires a sensitive technology. Sysmex Inostics’ BEAMing Digital PCR technology combines emulsion PCR with magnetic beads and flow cytometry for the highly sensitive detection and quantification of mutant tumor DNA molecules. Our BEAMing technology delivers increased sensitivity compared to other liquid biopsy methods providing reliable molecular information for timely and non-invasive treatment selection and enhanced prediction of resistance to therapy.


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  • Extensive 34 mutation KRAS and NRAS assay
  • High concordance with tissue
  • Rapid turnaround time from biopsy to result, minimally invasive
  • Accurate real-time information, no selection bias
  • Catalog Number ZR 150100
  • The OncoBEAM™ EGFR test is a bead-based digital PCR approach (also called BEAMing Digital PCR) allowing for the detection of up to 10 different mutations within the EGFR gene from one single sample.
  • Mutations covered: E746_ A750del, E746_S752>V, L747_A750>P, L747_T751del, L747_P753>S, T790M, C797S, L858R
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