XN-Series incorporates the silent design and offers flexibility for both routine and specialized testing in the hematology laboratory. The modular concept allows expandability, meeting the growing needs of the laboratory. Innovative technology which leads to reliable results in blood and body fluid testing. The XN-Series offers

  • Customizable solution for every laboratory.
  • Improved productivity and efficiency.
  • Comprehensive diagnostic decision making with extended diagnostic capabilities in advanced clinical parameters.

There are 2 standalone XN configurations:

  • XN-1000  (1 Analyzer)
  • XN-2000  (2 Analyzers)

Customizable integrated systemization solutions includes XN-3000 and XN-9000.

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  • Hourly throughput of up to 100 samples.
  • Onboard decision rules with user-defined rerun/reflex capabilities.
  • Customizable clinical applications to cater to variable clinical needs.
  • Hourly capacity of 200 samples.
  • Unique co-primarily solution.
  • Automatic workload balancing between the 2 analyzers.
  • Reagent sharing option is available.

ALL-IN-ONE – Count, Smear, Stain


For the first time, we have combined our market-leading XN-Series analyser with a brand-new slide maker/stainer in an all-in-one haematology workstation.

The new configuration of XN-1500 automates not only the count but also the smear and stain in haematology.

Should an analysis result lead to a smear, it is performed without manual intervention, fully automated, and integrated seamlessly in the workflow so that turnaround times and manual errors are decreased. 

  • Fully integrated slide maker/stainer delivering excellent morphological quality
  • Small footprint makes a good fit for lower workload laboratories
  • Reduced sample volume perfect for paediatric samples
  • Option to integrate with digital imaging analysis module – the DI-60
  • Integrated slide making and staining solution
  • Standardization of workflow

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  • Broad capabilities catering to different clinical demands
  • Workflow optimizing configurations

Click here for its systemization solution details
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