Diasys Reagents

In collaboration with Diasys, Sysmex offers a comprehensive range of high quality Chemistry reagents.

Diasys Diagnostic Systems has been a leading specialist in the development and manufacturing of diagnostic systems solutions for more than 20 years.

Benefits of Diasys Reagents :

  • Stable, ready-to-use liquid reagents
  • Long on-board stability and calibration stability
  • Minimized interferences with lipid clearing system
  • Standardized to international reference material/methods
  • Barcoded reagents with multi-calibrator and control for easy handling

A total of 52 parameters covering renal, liver, lipid and cardiac profiles has been validated on both the JCA-BM6010/C and the BX-Series

*For the complete menu available in each country, please contact your local Sysmex agent. 

Enzymatic HbA1c Reagent

Sysmex helps laboratories to deliver accurate and rapid reports for diabetic patients in monitoring their glycemic status.

Our Innovative HbA1c reagent based on enzymatic method shows no interference with known hemoglobin variants ensuring accurate results on every patient sample. 

Enzymatic HbA1c Reagent2


It works in perfect combination with the JCA-BM6010/C and BX-3010 which have the advanced features of on-board hemolysis and the measuring of HbA1c and plasma glucose tests from one sample tube

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