3pm, India Standard Time

August 25, 2021

Online Webinar



Prof. Dr. Sukesh Chandran Nair


Prof. Dr. Sukesh Chandran Nair

MD, DCP, DipNB, FRCPA (Haematology)

Department of Transfusion Medicine & Immuno Haematology

Christian Medical College, Vellore (India)


Dr Sukesh Nair, who has witnessed the evolution and technological advancement in Haematology Analysers will share his experience on this at Sysmex Knowledge Congregation.


Abstract of Lecture

The examination of peripheral blood is routinely used as a basic test in daily medical practice. It plays a role as the initial step in the evaluation of a haematological conditions and diseases by the physician providing data in screening for anaemia and infections, and information leading to the differentiation of pathological conditions and thus confirmation of diagnosis.

An automated CBC Haematology Analyser functions to determine and analyse each blood cell by providing counts and parameters related to blood cell morphology and size.

In the development of analyser systems, technological advancement improved the performance and enabled the measurement of multiple parameters including abnormal cell detection and body fluid analysis.

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