News Release

COVID-19 specimens arriving in testing laboratories can now be processed in batches with a new app developed by Sysmex New Zealand.

From the start of the health crisis, Sysmex New Zealand has devoted efforts to laying the groundwork for a digital strategy to streamline the end-to-end COVID testing process – from ordering a test through to communicating test results. The ESR Eclair repository by Sysmex underpins a suite of digital tools as part of the initiative.

The latest app release by Sysmex New Zealand, Eclair Touch Lab Batch, follows suit as the next logical component in the digital workflow – purpose-built to support the logistics management of COVID specimens from point of collection to the assigned laboratory.

lab batch app poster

Eclair Touch Lab Batch

Using the app, a staff member at the collection site can assign multiple COVID swabs to a batch, by scanning the barcode ID affixed to each specimen and assigned transportation container. Specimens can then be transferred together to the laboratory for processing.

Eclair provides a Broker system which can intelligently determine which laboratory will process batches of COVID tests, either from a quarantine facility or community testing centres.

Upon arrival at the lab, scanning the batch barcode on the container into Eclair allows all specimens to be received at once. Upon receipt of the batch, an HL7 order message is sent to the laboratory’s information system.

Where previously significant time was spent up front on manual data entry, the app will offer benefits for lab staff in terms of accuracy and speed of processing COVID tests.

Pop-up COVID testing sites across the nation are expected to roll out the app soon.

Beyond COVID, the app will look to have further developments to manage multiple specimen types commonly handled in routine laboratory tests.

Sysmex New Zealand is geared to continue delivering digital solutions for COVID over the coming months, with an immediate challenge focused on supporting the automated text messaging system in Eclair to inform people of negative COVID-19 results.