18 September 2018: Sysmex Selected for Inclusion in the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index for the Third Consecutive Year

Sysmex Corporation (HQ: Kobe, Japan; Chairman and CEO: Hisashi Ietsugu) announces that it has been selected for inclusion in the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index (DJSI World), a leading global index of ESG investment, for the third consecutive year.

17 July 2018: Solution to measure Edoxaban

We are happy to announce the launch of the dedicated calibrators and controls for Edoxaban which are to be used with Biophen DiXal and Biophen Heparin (LRT). With this new addition, we now have a complete portfolio for direct oral anticoagulants (DOACs) measurement.

10 July 2018: Sysmex Establishes Subsidiary in Egypt and Begins Conducting Direct Sales and Services

Sysmex Corporation has established a new subsidiary in Egypt and will begin conducting direct sales and services with the aim of expanding its business in the Middle East.

27 June 2018: Sysmex, the Foundation for Biomedical Research and Innovation at Kobe, and Kyoto University Begin Joint Research on Technologies for Diagnosing Immunological Diseases

Sysmex Corporation, the Foundation for Biomedical Research and Innovation at Kobe and Kyoto University have begun joint research related to the Drug Discovery Innovation Program: Developing Technologies for Diagnosing Immunological Diseases, which the Foundation is promoting. Through joint research, the three organizations aim to create a diagnostic system that will enable the early detection of autoimmune disease and chronic inflammatory disease.

14 June 2018: First New Zealand Installation Of Sysmex’s Innovative UN-Series At Labtests

Labtests, a division of Healthscope NZ, is one of the largest private pathology providers in New Zealand and have become the first laboratory in the country to install and begin processing specimens with Sysmex’s innovative UN-Series. Urinalysis testing is commonly requested by GPs to screen for urinary tract infections, kidney disorders, and liver problems. Labtests routinely receive 1,300 specimens each day from the Auckland and Northland regions to test for urinary tract infections alone.

26 April 2018: Sysmex to Launch JICA Project in the Republic of Ghana: “Collaboration Program for Disseminating Automated Urinalysis Diagnosis Technology”

Sysmex Corporation responded to a call by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) for proposals under the second fiscal 2017 Collaboration Program with the Private Sector for Disseminating Japanese Technology for Social and Economic Development of Developing Countries. Sysmex’s proposal “Dissemination of Automated Urinalysis Diagnosis technology in the Republic of Ghana” was selected.

24 April 2018: Sysmex Obtains Certification under ISO Guide 34, the International Standard for the Competence of Reference Material Producers – Initiatives toward Further Standardization and Quality Improvement of Clinical Testing

Sysmex Corporation announces its accreditation under the international standard ISO Guide 34 (General requirements for the competence of reference material producers). It is important for laboratories to ensure traceability, in order to ensure the quality of their test results. Laboratories ensure traceability through routine calibration and quality control. The standard materials used in this calibration […]

05 April 2018: Sysmex Launches Caresphere(TM), a New Network Solution – Supporting the Intelligent Use of Information for the Healthcare of the Future, Where the Use of Information is Accelerating

Sysmex Corporation offers a new network solution, Caresphere,™ to provide new value through the intelligent use of information by people involved in testing and healthcare, with a view to accelerating the future use of information in healthcare. Caresphere™ creates an environment for linking and analyzing a variety of information from testing instruments and laboratory information […]

24 February 2018: 2018 marks an exciting milestone for Sysmex Asia Pacific as we celebrate our 20th anniversary!

“Although it coincides with an even bigger anniversary, Sysmex Corporation celebrating its 50th birthday, we want to pay special attention to our two decades of commitment to the Asia Pacific region,” remarked Frank Buescher, President & CEO of Sysmex APAC.

20 February 2018: Sysmex Celebrates Its 50th Anniversary of Establishment

Sysmex Corporation celebrated the 50th anniversary of its establishment on February 20, 2018. We offer our heartfelt appreciation for the support of our customers and all other stakeholders since the time of our establishment in 1968.

18 January 2018: Liquid Biopsy performance comparison of OncoBEAM RAS CRC and Idylla ctKRAS testing presented at ASCO GI 2018 meeting

Hamburg, Germany, 2018.01.16 – Sysmex Inostics, a global leader in blood based circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) analysis and molecular diagnostics for oncology, today announces data from an abstract of a study comparing the performance of plasma RAS mutation detection by two commercial liquid biopsy testing platforms, OncoBEAM RAS CRC and Idylla ctKRAS Mutation Test. The […]

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