Asia Pacific 1st Ret-He Forum 2018

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1. Which department do you think will benefit the most from the clinical utilities of Ret-He? (tick all that is applicable)  Nephrology Hematology General Medicine Pediatrics O&G Others, please specify

2. What are the factors to consider for the routine reporting of Ret-He possible in your hospital/laboratory? (tick all that is applicable)  Approval from CEO / Hospital Director Laboratory information system connectivity (LIS) Establishment/ validation of Ret-He reference range Clinician’s demand for the test Cost of the test Others, please specify

3. What other applications do you want to see in your future haematology system? (tick all that is applicable)  ESR HbA1c CRP CD labelled parameter (eg CD 61+) Others, please specify

4. What specific flags would be useful? (tick all that is applicable)  Anemia related Sepsis/infection related Platelet related Others, please specify

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