The CS-2100i and CS-2000i is equipped with an optical fiber that supplies light at five wavelengths (multi-wavelength detection) that simultaneously measure multiple parameters using clotting, chromogenic, immunoassay and aggregation methods.

The CS-2100i/2000i is developed with features to deliver accurate and reliable results that satisfy the needs of today’s fast paced and advanced laboratory:

  • Multi-wavelength Detection System allows high throughput and perform sample quality check by detecting for hemolysis, icterus and lipemia (HIL) prior analysis.
  • Extended Calibration System provides a maximum of 12 data points for each calibration exceeding CLSI (Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute) requirement.
  • Multi-Dilution Analysis Function enables multiple dilution ratio functionality that improves turnaround time of results and thus timely patient management.
  • Excellent reagent management improves reagent stability and enhances laboratory efficiency.

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