When quality results lead to better patient care

The Sysmex XT-4000i supports the needs of small clinics to high-volume clinical laboratories. This superior haematology analyzer offers the reliability and standardization of Sysmex's patented flow cytometry technology  platform ensuring enhanced efficiency and improved productivity without sacrificing quality or accuracy.


The XT-4000i delivers critical information for timely patient management.


 Proven state-of-the-art technology optimizing workflow

  • Advanced Fluorescence Flow Cytometry ensures superior results even in the presence of abnormal samples
  • The combination of three signals (cell size, cell fluorescence, cell complexity) leads to precise results
  • A high throughput of up to 100 tests per hour (CBC Diff)
  • Auto-sampler operation for complete walk-away operation
  • STAT function allows immediate analysis of emergency samples
  • Easy operation with one-touch start up and shut down

Advanced clinical utility and unmatched body fluid analysis

  • Provides a rapid, accurate and inexpensive method to quantify IG which reduces the manual differential count workload
  • Gives an early indication of inflammation and sepsis to facilitate timely treatment
  • The only FDA-approved reportable IG results in the market
  • Fast and sensitive monitoring of erythropoiesis (using RET-He) in quantitative and qualitative aspects enabling the delivery of critical clinical information
  • Monitors the effectiveness of iron treatment or erythropoietin administration
  • Uses the same superior technology and reagent system as the ‘top-of-the-range’ XE-5000 hematology analyzer
  • Delivers unmatched performance and reliability