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The Sysmex XN-series is a complete family of hematology instruments suitable for small to large laboratories. The new instruments have been designed to offer operational, clinical and management advantages to the laboratory, and also provide unprecedented analytic capabilities.


The basic analytic engines of the XN-series  are the XN-10 and XN-20 analyzers – the most advanced and flexible hematology analyzers available in the market today. These analyzers operate at a throughput of up to 100 CBC Diff NRBC’s per hour. Designed around the Sysmex principles of “Silent Design”, the XN Series consists of analyzers, slide preparation units, sample management options, unique reagent formulations and integrated IT solutions providing laboratories with the ultimate in flexibility and function.


The Sysmex XN-series comes in a number of different models, the XN-1000, XN-2000, XN-3000 and the XN-9000.


XN-1000 and XN-2000

The XN-1000 consists of an analyzer (XN-10 or XN-20) and an integrated auto reflex sampler in a benchtop configuration. An optional wagon can be included to allow a floor standing instrument with reagent storage.


The XN-2000 combines 2 analyzers (XN-20/XN-20, XN-10/XN-20 or XN-10/XN-10) onto an integrated auto reflex sampler and allows a higher throughput for medium sized laboratories. Like the XN-1000 it can be operated as a bench top instrument or supplied with an wagon for a floor standing option.



The XN-3000 configuration includes 2 analyzers and a slide preparation unit (Slide maker stainer) in a single bench top sampler unit. The XN-3000 provides laboratories with the powerful advantage of Sysmex “systemization” – the integration of automated analysis and blood smear preparation. Sysmex has been providing this type of hematology automation and integration for more than 10 years with the XE series of analyzers, and the same level of experience and expertise can be seen in the XN Series. As with the XN-1000 and XN-2000 instruments the XN-3000 can also be provided as a floor standing instrument with the optional wagons.



The XN-9000 configurations demonstrate the latest advances in “systemization” from Sysmex. The range of potential configurations for the XN-9000 is huge – it can operate up to 9 instruments in a single system, with various combinations of analyzers, slide preparation units and tube sorters all linked with an integrated sample transport conveyor. Throughput of up to 900 CBC Diff NRBC per hour is possible with the XN-9000 in a fully automated system with advanced integrated IT management.




• Clinically-valuable parameters providing full flexibility for comprehensive diagnostics
• Flexible configurations to suit the needs of every laboratory setting
• Integrated reflex sampler and reflex rule set for improved workflow and turnaround time (TAT)
• Optional wagons for each system for best organization of reagent storage and reagent reserve tank for optimization of TAT
• Complete automated sample transportation from blood cell counting to slide preparation
• Flexible sample loading and unloading options
• Streamlining the hematology workload
• Efficient transporting and testing process for each analysis
• Small footprint
• Automatic workload balancing