Past CSR Activities

Sysmex Asia Pacific CSR 2016 – Bubble Soccer Games with Students from Mountbatten Vocational School

CSR FY2016Dedicated to contributing to society, Sysmex Asia Pacific (SAP) has been active in conducting CSR activities and our staff are also encouraged to participate in voluntary activities which match their interests. Through one of our staff’s connection, we touched base with Mountbatten Vocational School (MVS), an institute which provides vocational training to youths with disability leading up to ITE Certification. We were prepared to create a memorable afternoon for the students on the last day of their school term.

On 10 March 2017, 67 staff members from SAP together with 16 students and 2 teachers from MVS gathered at the Offsite Futsal Park @ Thomson. Our staff and the students combined to form groups of 8 to 12 people, and played various innovative, tactical, and physical games where players were required to put on a giant air inflated “bubble” suit. It was a fresh and exciting experience for most of the participants.

Before the start of the games, there were safety and game briefings by the Bubble Soccer’s instructors, as well as team members introduction session. Through the games, the connection between our staff and the students grew closer. The futsal park was filled with 3 hours of laughter, cheering and fun!

At the end of the event, a donation cheque of S$8,000 was presented to Ms. Wong Kar Leng, representative and teacher of MVS, by Mr. Nelson Lee, Chief Finance Officer of SAP. In addition, each student was given a Sysmex stationery kit while the students in the top 3 winning teams were further awarded with a prize.

“We are glad that most of the participants enjoyed the games,” said Mr. Ong Chin Chew, SAP’s Social Club committee member, who took the lead of this CSR activity. We also received good feedback from a student’s parents, who expressed their gratitude about the activity.

CSR FY2016CSR FY2016CSR FY2016CSR FY2016

Sysmex Asia Pacific’s visit to St Luke’s Eldercare

It was another year for Sysmex Asia Pacific to give back to the society! This year we collaborating with St Luke’s Eldercare Ltd (SLEC) which is an organization who provide continuum of care for the elderly through various integrated programs and services to enable them to have the opportunity to age gracefully. SAP’s Social Club chose to organize the entertainment programs over the usual cleaning services as our CSR program. We wish to contribute to healthy society by having more interactions with the elderly residents in the center.

On 18 September 2015, 73 employees gathered in Tampines Office and made our way to the Eldercare Centre where we were warmly welcomed by 80 elderly at SLEC.

After a short opening speech by Mr Frank Buescher, CEO & President of SAP, we started a sing along session together with all the elderly.

After the sing along session, SAP employees engaged themselves with activities with the elderly. The various activities included handicraft work – assembling photo frame and origami, passing parcels & musical chair.



Sysmex Asia Pacific started the New Year helping the less fortunate

92On 16 January 2015, Sysmex Asia Pacific organized an activity to do our part to support the less fortunate in Singapore. We approached Food Bank, a place where companies or people go to deposit / donate their unused or unwanted foods which will then be collected and allocated to the Needy via various channels through VWOS, Charities, Soup Kitchens etc.

We collected donations within SAP amounting to $7,650, inclusive of the company matching $1 for every $1 donated.

With the help of Food Bank, we purchased and distributed the food bundles to a total of 306 needy families in the Bukit Batok Estate. We spent hours preparing, packing and delivering the items to the needy families.

Each packet of food bundle include: Rice (5kg) x 1 Oil (1L) x 2 UHT Low Fat Milk (1L) x 2 Biscuits x 3 Canned sardine x 2 Canned mushroom x 2 Canned corn x 2 Cornflakes x 2

Although everyone was tired after the activity from the packing and distribution to each home, we were all very happy. This charitable experience taught us humility and what it means to give to the less fortunate. Just a simple act of charity brought smiles to both the young and elderly in these households.

csr 2015

Sysmex Asia Pacific hosted Singapore Polytechnic Field Trip at its office

Sysmex Asia Pacific for the benefit of young biomedical student community hosted Singapore Polytechnic students Field Trip at its Tampines office on 25 November 2014. About 50 final year biomedical science students from Singapore Polytechnic accompanied by their lecturer Mr Desmond Ng visited Sysmex Asia Pacific Tampines office and attended lectures, instrument demonstration tours conducted by our team experts.

These soon-graduating Polytechnic students introduced to the analytical principles and technology behind Sysmex instruments in hematology. They were also introduced to various other fields of diagnostics which Sysmex is reshaping with its advanced technology and expertise. Sysmex Hematology, Urinalysis, Coagulation, Clinical Chemistry, Immunochemistry and Life Science products and technologies were explained to these students.

In order to let the students have a better understanding and actual working experience with our analyzers, instrument demonstration tours were also conducted. We showcased the Sysmex analyzers: XN-9000, UX-2000, CS-2100i, RD-100i and BM-6010c.

It was exciting to see how students were engaged in the various activities and Mr Desmond Ng appreciated the whole program and feedback to us, “The students had enjoyed the lectures and demo sessions, and also the food! I have never seen them so attentive in class and almost everyone was engaged in the lectures. They had been continuously talking about Sysmex after leaving your office. This visit had certainly provided them with more understanding/knowledge in Sysmex instruments.”

Introducing Sysmex Technology and Product Features

 Introducing Sysmex Technology and Product Features

Instrument Demonstration Tours            Instrument Demonstration Tours

 Instrument Demonstration Tours

csr7            csr8

Instrument Demonstration Tours

Sysmex Asia Pacific doing our part in Sri Lanka

During our bi-yearly event with our business partners in Sri Lanka in September 2014, Sysmex Asia Pacific took this opportunity to do our part in contributing to the society. We donated a fully automated coagulation analyzer to Negombo Hospital and items for a First Aid room for Palangature Sinhala Mix School.

We had 2 Corporate Social Responsibility events during the short 3 days’ stay in Sri Lanka. We donated a fully automated coagulation analyzer to Negombo Hospital and taught the laboratory technicans how to use the analyzer to reduce their workload. We also donated items for a First Aid room, books and games for Palangature Sinhala Mix School.

Event participants who were our business partners, also bought games, stationery, clothes, and shoes and donated them to the school. All participants did their part by cleaning the school and planting some plants. The students were so excited that they immediately set up the net, pump the volleyball and started to play a game with our participants. It was a very hot day but everyone including the students were very happy.

sri lanka            sri lanka2

Our CEO presenting the instrument to the Medical Director of Negombo Hospital (left). A newspaper article published in Sri Lanka on this donation (right).

sri lanka3                 sri lanka4

Participants doing their part in the school

Sysmex Asia Pacific’s visit to the Society for the aged sick

In June 2013, Sysmex Asia Pacific has organized a donation drive to collect funds for the Society for the Aged Sick and our staff had been generous with their money. The Society for the Aged Sick is a non-profit, charitable organization offering residential care for the destitute and aged sick.

Company’s donation and money donated from staff were used to purchase items required by the Home such as thermometers, blood pressure sets, stethoscopes, transfer belts, washing machine and dryer.

On 26 July 2013, all Sysmex staff took the afternoon off from work and befriended the elderly residents at this Home. We have the honor of Mr Frank Buescher, our President and CEO who gave the donation gifts to the Home. Throughout the afternoon, our staff interacted and helped the residents with the games /activities and treated them to a sumptuous dinner.

At the end of the day, every elderly resident received goodie bags and some with their lucky draw prizes. Their participation in joyful laughter and happy smiles during the games/activities (e.g. wheel of fortune, musical balloons and sing-a-long sessions) touched the hearts of our Sysmex’s staff. We were glad that our care and time spent with them have successfully impacted and filled the elderly residents with meaningful and enriching moments.

csr9              csr10

SAP staff interacting with the elderly residents

csr archives

Group photo

Sysmex Asia Pacific hosted 5th Singapore Polytechnic Field Trip

On 6th February 2013, Sysmex Asia Pacific hosted its 5th Singapore Polytechnic (SP) Field Trip. About 40 final year biomedical science students from SP visited Sysmex’s Tampines office and attended lectures, instrument demonstration tours conducted by our team experts.

Sysmex Hematology, Urinalysis, Hemostasis and Clinical Chemistry products and technologies were introduced to the students in the field trip.

In order for the students to have a better understanding and actual working experience with our analyzers, instrument demonstration tours were also conducted. We showcased the Sysmex analyzers: XN-9000, UX-2000, CS-2100i and BM-6010c.

Students appreciated how flow cytometry technology has been applied to urine analysis and the reflex testing feature on XN-9000. The feedback received was immensely satisfying.

Welcome address by our CEO Frank Buescher

Welcome address by our CEO Frank Buescher

csr5          csr6

Introducing Sysmex Technology and Product Features

Sysmex Asia Pacific’s Corporate Social Responsibility activity – Visit to the Children’s Home

On 25th October 2012, 50 employees from Sysmex Asia Pacific visited the Chen Su Lan Methodist Children’s Home. After a short briefing, we boarded a chartered bus and arrived at the Home around 2 pm. We were warmly welcomed by the Home and were given a guided tour of the facilities of the Home.

The afternoon started with our employees and the children gathering at the home’s multi-purpose hall for the presentation of the donation items and S$5,000 cheque. We donated some daily necessities, board games, book vouchers, etc.

After the presentation, our employees engaged themselves with activities with the children. The various activities include Zumba dance, carom board games and basketball / captain’s ball.

At the end of the session, the children were given some snacks, bubble tea drinks and goodie bags. It was indeed an enriching experience and Sysmex employees enjoyed themselves interacting with the children.


 Sysmex family doing our part to our society

Sysmex Asia Pacific CSR Activity 2012 – Beach Cleanup!

The 1st CSR activity for Sysmex Asia Pacific in 2012 was a beach cleanup at the East Coast Beach on 27 July 2012.

We took about 3 hours on a hot Friday afternoon to pick up litter on the beach. A total of 20 bags of trash were picked up!

The staff were surprised to find so much rubbish at the beach and realized how much these had affected the eco system in the sea.



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